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Our Team
Brian Siegel   President
Dawn Ketcham  Senior Banker           
Julie Reed, HR

Jacinta Lynn,  Sales Manager

Senior Account Executive:

Jeneene Porter

Rapid Merchant Capital


Who is Rapid Merchant Capital? 


We recognized that the banking community was not meeting the capital needs of the small and mid-sized business community across this great nation. Since Banks, and other business lenders, have cumbersome lending processes that take weeks (if not longer) to process and they typically want to see a business plan, tax returns and personal financial statements. The approval rate to small business from traditional lending institutions is extremely low; and typically those that are approved are required to pledge their personal collateral (including their homes!) as a condition to funding. We knew there had to be a better way.


We are business people that understands your need for cash is a reality of doing business. But unlike banks, the reason you need the cash is not our concern, nor is your personal balance sheet. Our primary concern is enabling you to access the value of your sales and cash flow in the most optimized manner possible, and get you the cash you need today!


At Rapid Merchant Capital you will receive a finance solution that fits your unique business needs. We will find the terms that suits your business. You will also find the professionalism, teamwork, and compassion for your needs that enable us to serve you to the highest standards of excellence and Integrity. Please contact us directly to answer any questions you may have. Fill out the contact form or the Rapid submit to apply right away and be on your way to receiving the capital you need for your business in 3 business days without all the red tape that traditional banks require!


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Foreclosure Bailout Mortgages | Rapid Merchant Capital
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