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Angie White

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NEW  12/18/2021

I writing this review to let you all know to stop searching for help with your mortgage or foreclosure and call Brian today !!! I honestly would not have been able to save my house without his help..I had been searching for a month for financing but my credit score was not good enough for all the lenders I applied with even though I had a ton of equity and my mortgage payoff was very low ..luckily I received a text from Brian and he said he had resources available and was really confident he could help me .He did the application over the phone and went over what I needed and got me the help I needed and some cash out for the things I need also...He is awesome and was with me every step of the way..He answered anytime I asked a question either by phone or email..He works tirelessly to help his clients!! Trust me when I say dont waste another your home and call Brian today!!

Rapid Merchant Capital | Foreclosure Bailout Loans
Foreclosure Bailout Mortgages | Rapid Merchant Capital

Rachel Lamb

3 reviews

 NEW  12/03/2021

I had the most awesome experience with this company. I had gotten behind in mortgage payments due to a serious illness with a subsequent major surgery. I was scared that we would lose our family home where we raised our children. My credit was in the toilet with FICO <500. I couldn't get approved for a loan to get us out of our debt. I considered bankruptcy, as it looked like I was at my last resort. I received an e-mail from Brian & responded, thinking it was probably too good to be true. That's where it all started. He was able to get my loan approved quite quickly. Brian is an awesome professional that knows his business & helped me tremendously throughout the entire loan process. I was able to get a cash out option while paying off our current mortgage. Brian saved our family home & for that, I am forever grateful. It's hard to think of where we would be if I hadn't responded to Brian's email. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that may be in a similar situation. :)

Rachel Lamb


Foreclosure Bailout Mortgages | Rapid Merchant Capital

 Sharon Middleton - South Carolina
Refinanced her property 2/24/2022 

Call Now!  248-862-4519

Foreclosure Bailout Mortgages | Rapid Merchant Capital

Chris Dodaro- Glendale Heights, IL. Refinanced his Property May 2022

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